Reentry AR

Welcome back, Hayabusa2

Reentry AR displays the trajectory of the re-entry capsule of Asteroid Explorer "Hayabusa2" in augmented reality (AR).This app simulates the track of the capsule from either your real location or the neighborhood of the landing site.

About Reentry AR

After the long journey to the Ryugu asteroid (162173), Hayabusa2 will return to Earth and its re-entry capsule will land in South Australia on December 6, 2020.
Reentry AR shows the trajectory of the capsule overlaid on the camera's image.


For your safety, access to the Woomera Prohibited Area (WPA) and travel on the Stuart Highway will be suspended for the Hayabusa2 capsule re-entry. Roadblocks will be in place. Please find a location outside of the WPA to observe the Hayabusa2 sample return capsule’s fireball. Use the "Reentry AR” application to enhance your observation experience.

Application name
Reentry AR
Toriningen Inc.
Reentry flight supervisor
Prof. Tetsuya Yamada (JAXA)
iOS 1.3.2 or later
Free (No in-app purchase)
Special Thanks to
John, Darren, Andy, Alex, Caitlin and Jacqui,
Satoru, Kosuke, Hiroshi, and Sakiko.
Toriningen Inc. is responsible for this application

Q & A

Q. Can I use it offline??
A. This application doesn't require internet connection. Once you download it, you can use it offline.
Q. Can I use it even when I'm away from Australia?
A. This app has two location modes, "GPS mode" and "Manual mode". With "Manual mode", you can choose any location.
Q. How accurate the simulation is?
A. This app is simulated using only currently available information and may differ from the actual trajectory.In addition, the physical behavior of the capsule depends on various conditions. The accuracy of your device's sensors also affect the accuracy.